Sai Baba of Shirdi as I Know
- By Yammanur Lavanya , Kenner, Lousiana, U.S.A.


Lord Sri Saibaba is regarded as the Poorn Avatar of God. He is the "Loving Divine Mother" tomillions of his devotees scattered throughout all parts of the world. His Concern for his childrenwelfare is unbounded. Any one who surrenders to him whole heartedly , is assured of his divineprotection in this world and next.

Lord Sri Saibaba was the avatar of Lord Dattatreya. He manifests himself to his worthydevotees even today in his physical form and guide them. All over the country, Sri Sai Mahima isspreading widely. The main theme of writing this Essay is to give a few Sentence about sai, whobecame God from Sainthood. Baba wants Bhakti from his devotees. He always used to say "Do your work with yourself, But keep your mind and concentrate on me". This shows the maindifference between baba and the other saints. The other saints used to teach their devotees and theywon’t be on their words. But, Baba works on his suggestions.

When I visited Shiridi, and studied the Marvelous life of Sri Saibaba, I traveledextensively in search of such a Sudguru so that I could dedicate my whole life to his service. In thepast So many devotees are not able to know Sri Saibaba satcharitra because of language problem.The original book was written in Marathi Language. Later it was translated into other Languageslike English, Telugu etc.

Like all Organisms, The social system too decays in time, despite all care. Thedirection of change is from its pristine state in the krita yuga to its total decay in the kali yuga.SriSaibaba may be termed as the glorification of the guru, Who is the truth, the way and the life and isworthy of being loved with all the strength of ones soul and heart. Because of saibaba Shiridi hasbecome a holy place. We will discuss babas life. He climbed all difficulties in his life. He lead anormal human being life. Peace is his Ornament. He is a Sudguru , who listens to all the problems ofhis devotees. He is like a home for Vaishnava devotees. He never loved the extraordinary things. Hisheart is pure like a mirror. His words are like a precious stone. There are no classifications like poorand rich in Babas kingdom. He treated all devotees equally. He quickly mixes with all. He used tosing and dance about God. Baba always used to say "Allah malik" , "Sab ka Malik ek Hai" which means Allah is the leader of every body and he will look after all of us. The only thing is to believe in God.

Nobody knows who are the parents of baba . We don’t even know when Baba wasborn and where he was born. Whenever devotees try to ask HIM about the details , Baba used tosmile and remain silent. Saints like Namdev and Kabir also entered into this world without givingdetails about them. For the people in Shirdi ,Baba appeared as a 16 year old young boy sitting undera neem tree in a deep meditation. A devotee in shirdi, who is the mother of NanaChandorkar(Beloved devotee of baba) described the features of the boy. She said that the boy was veryhandsome glowing with divine radiance. All the people were wondered by seeing this small boy, athis young age in a deep trance all day long without any care for the worldly activities. He won’t talk to people during day time. He was not scared of any body.

About Babas name and how he entered shiridi:
At the age of twenty baba left shiridi and people were in search of baba. At that time it so happenedin Aurangabad. A man named Chandpatil who is very rich met baba accidently. While patil ismoving to Aurangabad he missed one of this horse. He searched for two months and went into deepdepression. With a sad ful mood he started going to Aurangabad . After walking 9 miles he wantedto take rest under mango tree. There he saw a wonderful personality dressed with a long hat,wearing a long shirt, smoking some liquid ,he is looking like a Fakir Fakir called Patil and askedabout the reason for his depression. Then Patil explained the reason. Then Fakir asked to search forhis horse near the place they are staying . Patil found his horse eating grass. He was wondered andimpressed by the Fakir asked to along with him to Aurangabad and requested to attend for amarriage of his brother-in -law at Shiridi. That Fakir accepted Patil request. All the marriage troopleft Aurangabad to shiridi. All the people in the group wanted to take rest under neem tree in Shiridi.An old devotee named BhaktaMahalasapathi Saw this young Fakir and invited him by calling "welcome Sai". From that time onwards all the devotees in shiridi started calling FAKIR AS BABA.

Babas name started spreading all over the country. People started visiting baba. All people resignedtheir jobs, and settled in Shiridi. Baba used to teach Peace always. He wanted the people to pray togod with Bhakti, Concentration and the important thing is Belief. So that they can get At masakshathkaram. This is the main aim of Baba. He loved his devotees. Slowly the count ofdevotees near baba is increased. A devotees named Kandobadev, Asked details of baba. Babashowed a place near the tree and asked to dig it . Kandobadev did it. All the people around the placeare observing what is going to happen. Under the place they observed a stone. After removing thatstone they got a way to enter into the place. That looks like a small crave. Then they saw a four-sided-lamp burning there and japamalas. Then Dev confirmed that this boy(Saibaba) was in yogasince 12 years in this place. Then baba told ,that is his Gurusthanam. As his guru was buried therehe wants to protect that place and wants to treat it as a sacred place.

After this incident so many changes had happened . A devotee named, Harivinayakasate owned thatplace and constructed a rest place. This helped all the passengers who want to stay in shiridi morethan one day. Another building was also constructed and named as Dikshit vada (the place anybodycan take stay). Day-by-day Shirdi started to get a big change. Another devotee named, Buttibelonged to Nagpur Build a black stoned Mandir. He invested large amount of money on this work.Later , the mandir was renamed as Samadhi mandir because Babas body was buried in this place.

A bouquet of Charming Sai Mantras for his daily worship made available by his unbounded DivineGrace. The Mantras reveal His All_pervading Presence and His Eternal Vigilance for the welfare ofhis devotees.

May all be worthy of His Divine Grace, Mercy and Compassion.


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