Sainthood to Godhood:
Who we are we become, where we are from we will go.
- by Virushny Vivekanandan, Richmond, British Columbia, CANADA

It is a journey; life is a journey with the climax being that our destination and our origin are the same. Yet as simple as this reality is, through our journey of many lives we have lost this knowledge, and so God has created many paths, which all lead to the same place, the reality of our being. What is our destination? Our destination is realizing that God is within us, and that we are ourselves God, but that realization does not come until we realize many other things on the process.

We refer to ourselves as humans, and those who are in a higher spiritual level, as saints and above all there is God. The term human is the name of the class of beings we are. As humans we commonly make the assumptions that we are allowed to make mistakes, it is often heard when one makes a mistake that one is only human, but this stereotype does not allow us to grow spiritually. As humans have adapted a definition for being a human, we have also done it for saints.

Saints exist in every religion in the world, they are termed saints because they possess more spiritual knowledge than the common man does, and they lead a life of purity. A Saint is one who is able to teach others the path to God, not only through his words, but also through his deeds. He is always practicing various kinds of service to all beings, no matter how demeaning his acts might seem in the eyes of others. Sainthood to most humans seems like a lifestyle that is quite difficult to lead in a time where there are a lot of materialistic desires in the world, but how can one reach Godhood without practicing Sainthood?

It is because of the mind and the materialistic attachments which humans possess that separate them from Saints. Yet the duties of a Saint and a human must be the same. Sainthood is not a level of life we must reach but one that we must attempt to live.

Shirdi Sai Baba was to His Muslim devotees a saint, for they believed in Allah as God, and Shirdi Baba as a guide and teacher who was higher in spirituality then them. To his Hindu devotees Shirdi Baba was God, because they believed that God incarnates in human form to restore righteousness. With Shirdi Baba

A Saint is able to perform service to mankind without seeing the difference between him and them, without seeing what class, creed or religion they belong to, and he sees them all as one. He has come to the realization that the best way he can serve God is through his children, which he regards as all in most religions.

The more vigorously one practices the acts of Sainthood the more aware one becomes that everything in this universe is filled with the same light. If you regard that energy as the energy of God, or that energy AS God, then the equation of life is steps away from being solved. Visualize the following: 1) A Saint serves every being, 2) God is in every being, there are two conclusions one can come to: 1) the Saint is serving God and 2) God is all around the Saint.

When the latter of the two conclusions is realized, a Saint is a few steps from leading Godhood. Godhood is the lifestyle lead by one who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Once a Saint realizes that God is all around him, he will realize that God is in him. This gives him the attribute of being omnipresent. If he is part and God and God is in all the beings, he is omniscient. If he knows that he is God and has all through his sainthood devoted to himself selfless, intelligent service, he is omnipotent.

From Sainthood to Godhood, requires effort, faith and detachment from the materialistic world. From "humanhood" to Sainthood requires an open mind and the letting go of the stereotypes that only humans make mistakes. The journey of life is precious, as it is our gift from God to realize that from him we are and we have come and to him we will go and become.


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