The philosophy of Sai Baba of Shirdi : A global perspective by Richa Singhal

Yes, Oh Sai, you are the one who unites us. You are the one who binds us. I love you, I believe in you. I believe in everyone for you are in everyone.

Global means whole universe, not only our Earth, but also millions of galaxies where you are. Today, the world is facing problems due to mistrust which nuclear weapons are being developed, everyone is fighting with each other, everyone wants Power, forgetting that Power is only within SAI. Sai is the one who is in Nirgun form. Sai teaches us to spread love, to trust each other, to believe

˘÷÷ ALL ARE ONE÷÷÷÷÷÷

Humble people like us forget Sai teachings, the values that he always spread in Sagun form. We forget that by being rich or powerful, we can not win people. You can only win people by following SaiĂs Teachings. Sai loved everyone, rich or poor, small or big, dinosaurs or aunts, human beings or small creatures. ThatĂs where SaiĂs power holds. Love everyone and whole world will be yours.

Shri Sai always said

Others are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself, so always love others, so that they love you.

The meaning of SAI is

S ------- Satya (Truth)

A ------- Ahimsa (Non Violence)

I ------- Indra (Conqueror)

This means you can win the whole world by walking on the footsteps of Truth and non-violence.

Sai always worked for US. He taught us to complete our duties, and believe in him and should not think of result. He told us

KarmanyaVadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachan

Do your work honestly and do not care for the results. Leave the results for me.

Sai gave message to whole world

Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu , Sarve Santu Niramaya

Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu , Ma Kashit dukh bagh bhavet

Everyone should be happy, everyone should be healthy, everyone should see good things, and no one should face any problem.

Yes, if we follow Sai teachings, we can actually we happy.

All the religions Hindu, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Zorastarism, Slkhism, Jainism believe in one concept

˘Love Everyone ÓÓÓ Trust Everyone And Honour Everyone

There is nothing called rest of us, being global but it is being only ONE. We all are ONE.

Shri Sai was a doctor, nurse, teacher, priest and above all Š Mother Š. Like a Mother, he can give you pain also if it is for the good.

If we look around us, the age of Internet, fear of Nuclear War, modern technology equipped cars, the modern society finding fun and humour in insulting other people, the Century of making progress as high as reaching the moon, but STOPÓWait a minuteÓ..ThinkÓÓIs this an environment we have craved for ? Does the big houses, lots of money, modern equipment, luxurious comforts give us true happiness? Are we trusting each other, are we really sharing our joys and sorrows with each other Are we using others as stepping stones of success. Have we become so money minded that we could even cheat our parents, our souls, and our friends? Think what are you going to get finally in life. Hear your own voice ÓSee your inner selfÓTalk to Yourself ÓNow Stop..I know most of us cannot think so muchÓBut DonĂt be pessimistic..

Shri Sai is here; His teachings are with us, He is there to guide us, He is there to carry us, He has a magic light, and He is having a power to give us Nirvana

I am feeling so humble to write about Sai BabaĂs global prospective, because Sai is not present around the Globe which we see, he is present much beyond that. He is present in our wildest of dreams.

Sai always taught us to take care of our health, to respect our body, as it is very important. This teaching is very useful today when we just smoke, drink, eat junk food and most of the time complaining about our health.

Sai Baba stressed on following teachings

For Faith is one which can turn everything upside down. You have to believe in yourself first to believe in GOD.

Shri Sai Baba always stressed for a need of one Guru who can guide you to attain Moksha. He always insists on having Guru

GururDevo GurorVishnu Gurordevo Namo Namah

This is very important today where most of us needs a direction, here where most of us feel that we are lost. Each one of us should try to have Guru in Nirguna or Saguna form that can show the candle in the dark path, which shines like the Pole Star giving us all the direction we need.

Right now, I am so small to write about the teachings of Sai Baba which I donĂt know, I donĂt understand, but I know that to know his teachings, I donĂt have to be a Hindu, a Mohammeadean, a Christian, a Jewish, a black, a white but I have to be a real human being.This is the gist of Sai BabaĂs teachings.

I would like to end this essay with following note on Sri Sai Baba

Peace does not mean the end of all our striving,

Joy does not mean the drying of our tears.
Peace is the power that comes to souls arriving
Up to the light where SAI Himself appears.
Joy is the wine that SAI is ever pouring
Into the hearts of those who strive with Him,
Lighting their eye to vision and airing,
Strengthening their arms to warfare glad and grim.

The End

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