Om SaiRam

Om Guru Devo Namah
Om Sachidanand Namah
Om Samarth Sadguru SaiNathay Namah

The greatest crux of Shri Baba's maharaj philosophy is well known and Universal Truth


We all Know and believe in this some outer sense and meaning.But What great master taught us through this Golden Message has to be understood and practised.
Shri Baba Says that HE(OUR LORD) is the inner ruler of ur hearts.HE prevades the whole universe,occupies all open space ,water and every thing animate and inanimate objects.This way Shri Sai conveys that there is "NO DUALITY". Which means in DULAITY is SIN. This DUALITY results in ego,which is greatest barrier in the path of sprituality or even materialistic issues.
How Shri Baba comprehends the principle of ADVAITHA (UNIQUENESS) solves all the problems related to the sublimation of our EGO.Now Shri Baba says that ego is the root cause of the physical and mental maladies,the question arrises is how to sublimate the ego.As Shri Baba says one is to self surrender.This is to surrender wholly to Shri Sai.And at the same time think of ADVAITHA and try to correlate with the wordly priciples. IF YOU SEE SAME GOD in everbody hearts than there is no difference between US.We all are the bits of same Shri Sai.Now if you will follow this you will never fight any body because "who is fighting whom" comes the question in the mind of the beleiver.The feelings of hatred ,anger,envyness malice etc. can be pacified if not eradicated.

So if there is no place for Such feelings(ego related) than our beloved master teaches to come down to the principle of LOVE.
Shri Baba says


Shri Baba says that our life should be butterfly who is short lived ,drinks nectar and causes no harm to any body.Similarly we shold drink nectar from the divine words of our Sad-Guru Shri Sai and live like that.

Shri Baba's other teachings was the significance of
1. UDI : which he gave as the form of the prasad.
2. DAKSHINA :Money offerd with Love to LORD Shri SAI.

If pondered over the two, the former(UDI) tells us the that ultimately all the things in the world are temporal and reducable to Ashes simalarly the thing which is real is our LORD Beloved Shri SAI. This helps all of us in the distinction of Real and UnReal.Temporal and Eternal.

Dakshina specifies principle of NON-ATTACHMENT to the wealth.

If these two things are followed with "SHRADHA"(Devotion) and with "SABURI" (Faith with Constant Courage and Valor) ,Which is the GREATEST truth our Master Shri Saachidanand SAI taught,than our progress will be certain and above all the GRACE of our master should be attained through our virtues ,merits and whole hearted devotion.



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