"The philosophy of Sai Baba , a global perspective" -by Basawaraj Patil Darmstadt, Germany

Every one of us is living in a dangerous world. The world of chaos, wars, natural calamities, scandals, corruptions and crime. It is difficult to enumerate all the vissitudes of mankind, untold sufferings, pain and agony. There is a total degradation of physical, mental, ethical, social and spiritual values at the individiual, nationl and international life. What is wrong with present global system?. Is there any effective solutions to the modern issues, conflicts and problems?. How do we face and manage the 21st centuary?. Is there any future to mankind?. The future is bleak and gloomy, but there is a distinct ray of light, the hope for the future - THE SAI PHILOSOPHY, the philosophy of the global world, philosophy of love, philosophy of work, philosophy of knowledge and philosophy of universal mind. The SAI PHILOSOPHY - based on eternal truths to guide mankind to the future. The SAI PHILOSOPHY, the philosophy of the world, by the world and for the world.

What is SAI PHILOSOPHY?. What are its principles?. What are are global and universal perspectives?. The SAI PHILOSOPHY is a simple, unique, integrated and unified approach to the global problem and issues with the assimilation of eternal philosophies of the world. The global SAI PHILOSOPHY is based on the following global principles.