Baba's booth in Hindu Sangam at Milpitas, California, USA

A Shirdi Sai Baba booth was set up in Hindu Sangam at Milpitas High School, Milpitas, CA on July 21, 2001 with an objective to bring Baba's message and to share with the visitors to the booth, the various activities going around the world on Sainath under the auspices of Guruji C.B.Satpathy and others such involved in the service of Sai Baba.

Hindu Sangam was a religious and cultural event organized and sponsored by various hindu temples and other organizations in the Bay Area. The day was full of religious seminars, workshops, cultural events for all ages and concluded with a bhajan concert by Sri Anup Jalota.

Shirdi Udhi, Baba's pictures with handouts on Shirdi Sainath were distributed freely to about 900 to 1000 people who visited Baba's booth during the day. A three hour video highlights of the daily pooja program in Shirdi including abhishek to Baba, four arathis, items used by Baba and paalaki procession was played. Numerous books including Sai Satcharita in all languages, publications, lockets, audio and video casettes were made available for the benefit of Sai devotees. Arathi to Baba was also offered at the booth. Noted singer Anup Jalota paid a visit to Baba's booth before his concert to seek Baba's blessings.

We wish to thank all the participants and volunteers for their participation and seek your continued support in such future activities. If you know of a religious and cultural event being organized in your community where a Baba's booth can be set up, please do let us know.

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Om Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai ||

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