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This page highlights Stories and Experiences recorded by devotees in the "Share Your Experiences Forum" in the previous weeks. As the "Share Your Experiences" page is growing in size, it is taking longer to load and becoming difficult to browse for previous entries.

On suggestion from some devotees, this page was designed to pick a story from that page and highlight one story each week as a quick reference and summary.
Please Note: The stories that appear here are original stories picked at random and are unedited.

Kamala Devi

My name is Kamala Devi. I believe Sai Baba as my grandfather who saved my mothers' life. It was in Feb 1998 when we came to know that my mother had cervix tumor. The doctors said that it was in advanced stage. I did not know what to do. On a Thursday, I went to Saikrupa where every Thursday satsang were being organized by Mrs. Annapurna Devi who is a staunch believer of Sai Maharaj. On that day, as the satsang was going on, Mrs. Annapurnadevi stared at me with tears in her eyes. I felt that Baba was calling me and went to her to narrate the suffering but nevertheless Baba is sarvantaryami, without me saying anything she asked me not to worry and that my mother be alright within 6 months and that she has to take Baba thirtham everyday 4 times and just keep faith in Baba, I felt solace and I went to my mother told her the great experience with her. My mother strictly followed the prescription by Baba . To our rejoice in june1998 we took a CTScan for her and incredulously the report came very normal that is there are no traces of cancer. Hence I feel that Baba has given gift to us and I am ever indebted to him. It is ineffable to describe his magnanimity

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