Welcome to this latest feature of Screen Savers!

In association with Michael Lindell the author of Screen Paver, this web site is pleased to bring you the much asked for Screen Saver with Shri Sai Baba's Pictures.

Screen Paver is a fully functional (and no nag) shareware Windows 95/NT screen saver. The program will display an unlimited number of your own jpeg or bitmap images from local and/or network directories. Options are provided to control image display time, to display images in alphabetical or random order, to use transition effects, to stretch images full screen or proportionally, and to display your own personal message over the images. There is also a manual slide show mode. Password protection is supported.

You are sincerely requested and strongly encouraged to register your product after unzipping the program files and pay the registration fees directly to the author which is nothing considering the excellent product. (We believe the current registration fees is US $ 5.00). Look for registration details in the "Screenpaver.txt" file which is on your hard drive after unzipping the program

You may download both the Scren Saver and the associated pictures by clicking on the links below:

Sai Baba Pictures
Screen Saver Program

After downloading the program and the pictures, use winzip to unzip the files:

First, unzip the pictures into a directory labelled c:\saipictures on your hard drive. If you are unzipping into a different drive and directory make a note of the same as you would require it later during screen saver set up.

Then unzip the screen saver file to a directory of your choice and remember the name of the directory. The executable file, "SPsetup.ext", required in the next step is stored in that directory. Then proceed with instructions for Installation.


Installation is simple. Just run or double-click on the file "SPsetup.exe" to install the screen saver. Screen Paver parameters can be set from the Control Panel/Display Properties/Screen Saver window which will appear at the end of the installation process.

Below is a screen shot of the Setup screens.

In the following screen, mark checkbox next to Password Protected label to make screen saver password protected, if needed. Set the appropriate wait time for the screen saver to kick in when the system is unused. After that click on the Settings button to continue Screen Saver set up.

In the following screen which is the images tab of the Scren Paver Configuration, use the Add Directory button and add the folder/directory to where you unzipped the Sai Baba Pictures into. If you followed the steps above, the pictures would be in c:\saipictures. In case, you have unzipped the pictures into a different drive and directory, then add that directory path using the Add Directory button. Hit the OK button to save your options.

In the following screen which is the Settings tab of the Screen Paver Configuraton, use the Display section to set the display time of each image. Mark in the checkbox if you want the images to display randomly. You can change the transition effects of each image to suit your needs from slow to fast. The image stretching is set to none, since the pictures we have are getting blurred when trying to set up full screen or proportional. Hopefully we will have new pictures in the near future which will resolve this issue. The settings for background have been tested with black background only. You may choose to experiment with the other available backgrounds to suit your needs. The remaining settings of Message overlay and Miscellaneous are for your convenience. You may experiment them if you like. Hit the OK button to save your options.

For all other features and more information, check the on-line help of the Screen Paver program. All necessary information is already provided above. We do not provide any support for this program. Check the on-line help for any questions. For further support or trouble shooting from the author check information on registering your program with the author in the files that came with the program. This is a free service for the personal use and benefit of Sai Devotees and may not be used for any other purpose without contacting the author. This program is supplied without any warranties, guarantees or any other involvement on our part.

Hope you will like this feature. For suggestions or comments, please e-mail to Webmaster or use our on-line form by clicking here.

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