Welcome to this latest feature of Screen Savers!

In association with various authors of Screen Savers, this web site is pleased to bring you the much asked for Screen Saver with Shri Sai Baba's Pictures and animations.

Screen Savers:
Sai Baba Animated Screen Saver by V.Gopal
Screen Paver by Michael Lindell

For all the features and more information, check the on-line help and read me files that come with each program. We do not provide any support for these programs. For further support or help from the authors check information on registering your program with the author in the files that came with the program. This is a free service for the personal use and benefit of Sai Devotees and may not be used for any other purpose without contacting the author. This program is supplied without any warranties, guarantees or any other involvement on our part.

Hope you will like this feature. For suggestions or comments, please e-mail to Webmaster or use our on-line form by clicking here.

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