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Dear Web Site Visitor/Sai Devotee,

This web site is organizing an essay writing activity on topics related to Sai Baba of Shirdi. Participating entries are being listed on this page to enable you the reader to read and vote on them. Only one vote is counted per e-mail address. The e-mail address will be tested for accuracy by sending you an automatic e-mail acknowledgement. Incomplete or inaccurate e-mail addresses will be voided. Voting on participating articles will be open till September 20, 1998, when the deadline expires. Essays that receive the maximum number of combined points from readers and from a panel of independent judges not associated with this web site will receive awards.

If you are interested in participating in the esssay writing activity, please click here for details. Bookmark this page to return later for more entries as they are added.

Please follow the links below to read and vote on the article.

Group I

Ages 10 - 17 Years

Topic: Sai Baba of Shirdi as I know

1. Vijay Vivekanandan, Richmond, British Columbia, CANADA(Sumitted on September 10, 1998)
2. Yammanur Lavanya, Kenner, Lousiana, USA(Submitted on September 11, 1998)

Group II

Ages 18- 25 Years

Topic: Sainthood to Godhood

1. Virushny Vivekanandan, Richmond, British Columbia, CANADA(Submitted on September 10, 1998)
2. Praveen Kumar, Ohio, USA(Submitted on September 19, 1998)

Group III Ages 26 Years & Over Topic: The philosophy of Sai Baba of Shirdi : A global perspective
1.Sigamoney Naicker, Cape Town: South Africa (Submitted on July 22, 1998)
2.Richa Singhal (Submitted on July 29, 1998)
3.Mehul Shah, NJ: USA (Submitted on August 05, 1998)
4.Ayush Mehra (Submitted on August 07, 1998)
5.Havovi Medora, Mumbai(Bombay), India (Submitted on August 30, 1998)
6.Raj Venkata Ponnaluri, Florida, USA (Submitted on September 03, 1998)
7. Rani Vivekanandan, Richmond, British Columbia, CANADA(Submitted on September 10, 1998)
8. Mark T Best, Bloomington, Indiana, USA(Submitted on September 11, 1998)
9. Dr. Vrinda Kumar, Sydney, Australia(Submitted on September 13, 1998)
10. Basawaraj Patil, Darmstadt, Germany(Submitted on September 19, 1998)

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